Preservation is the most overlooked principle of wealth management

You've worked hard to create wealth.  However, few financial advisors pay enough attention to the biggest priority:  protecting what you’ve built.  

That’s why we’re different.  At Holland Capital Management, you work directly with a seasoned, highly credentialed professional, who coordinates a team of specialists to meet your needs.  

You’ll have a single point of contact, but you will receive attention directly from this hand-picked team with expertise in different areas of wealth management.  By working together on your behalf, we minimize your blind spots and help you make the most of your resources.  

Keep your money working in good and bad markets

Wealth management today is commoditized.  That often means more attention to increasing firm profit margins than caring for your assets.  You may work with a "relationship manager," but your money is often managed by those you may never meet.

That often results in reactive rather than proactive management.  Then when the market drops, you are expected to wait it out.

We believe in defensive as well as offensive financial planning and investment strategies so you can strive to do better than the market.  The result?  The potential for higher after-tax, risk-adjusted returns, especially during times of extreme volatility. 

The CFA® Difference

Our team includes a Chartered Financial Analyst®. Regarded by many as the most difficult credential to attain, you can expect an in depth analysis with less guesswork.  

Attention from Specialists

As your wealth grows, relying on one financial advisor may create blind spots. At Holland Capital Management, you’ll get service from a team of specialists…all working together for your best results.

Fiduciary Service

In an industry rife with conflicts of interest, you need someone on your side. Our all-fiduciary team helps ensure you get objective advice that’s in your best interest.

What Can Holland Capital Management Do For You? 

You’ll get complete wealth management services in a boutique setting giving you the attentive service you deserve.   

  • Comprehensive financial planning and retirement planning from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
  • An investment management process designed to generate higher after-tax, risk-adjusted returns 
  • Trust advisory, coordinated directly with your existing CPA and attorney (or our vetted recommendations), to help you maximize tax, estate planning and asset protection opportunities 
  • Life insurance, both for protection and advanced financial planning strategies 
  • Flexible lending options so you can tap your wealth when needed without hassles

All services are provided with a single point of contact, saving you time and headaches. Your assets are held with a leading independent custodian, providing security, safekeeping, and independent reporting.  



Insights from Our Team

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How to Protect your Wealth in Challenging Markets

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