How are your investments performing? 

Is your financial advisor getting good results for you? 

Could you be doing better?

In this free consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and financial situation.  Then we’ll take a look at how you’re invested.  Based on what we find, we’ll provide some actionable insights on any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement.  In the process, you’ll also find out if we can help you achieve your goals. 

There are no strings attached and no pressure.  We won't call you afterward unless you want us to.  You may receive follow-up emails, but you may opt-out at any time.

Either way, you’ll leave the meeting with additional clarity about your situation.   

Schedule a Complimentary Second Opinion

Once scheduled, you’ll get an email confirming your appointment with a short list of information to provide to us (including recent account statements).

What will be covered in the call? 

We’ll ask you some questions about your short and long-term goals.  Then we'll take a look at your financial situation to assess the following areas:

  • Are your investments aligned with your goals? 
  • Given your goals and circumstances, are you taking an appropriate amount of risk? 
  • Are the fees you pay reasonable, or are they handicapping your results? 

Then we’ll give you suggestions based on our observations. 

We take your privacy seriously.

Your email address will not be sold or provided to any other party.  We will not share your phone number either if you provide it to us.

Schedule a Complimentary Second Opinion