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With most financial advisory firms, investment management is handled by someone you never meet.  You then deal with a generalist "relationship manager."  Or you may work with one financial advisor who manages all your financial planning, investment, estate and tax planning. 

While these models might be good for the firm, they aren’t necessarily best for you.  You’re not getting enough direct help from specialists. 

So with this type of service, people often find out too late that little attention was paid to defensive positioning.  Or that their money was invested in a far riskier way than they would have preferred. 

Holland Capital Management was founded to provide a better solution.

The Right Team

At Holland Capital Management, you work with seasoned professionals who each have decades of experience managing wealth.  This unique multi-disciplinary approach is coordinated by M. Chad Holland, CFA®, CFP®.  The end result?

  • Direct attention from experienced money managers so we can better manage your risks.
  • We strive to help you preserve wealth (defense) as well as generate returns (offense).
  • Our team works together to provide sophisticated strategies that can help you save taxes and strengthen your financial position.
  • We’ll coordinate directly with your CPA, attorney and other professionals to save you time and headaches. 

We also have a portfolio lender on our team so you can access capital whenever you need it without the hassle of traditional lending. 

The Right Credentials

Did you know that in some states, it is more difficult to get a license as a hairdresser than as a financial advisor? 1Many people are shocked to learn that calling yourself a “wealth manager” or “financial advisor” primarily entails just passing a multiple choice exam and filing registration information.

So what can you do to ensure you hire a financial advisor that knows what they are doing?

You can look for the right credentials.

At Holland Capital Management, you'll work with team members with the following industry-leading credentials.

CFA® / CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST.  This professional designation is known for its difficulty.    According to the CFA Institute, sponsor of the designation, less than one in five people pass all three exams and obtain the charter.2

To earn the CFA®, a professional must:

  • Have four years of work experience analyzing investments
  • Complete 250 hours of independent study
  • Pass three levels of exams which take about six hours each

On a practical level, working with advisors who hold the CFA charter helps you find those who have demonstrated advanced investment expertise.  In challenging markets, disciplined investment analysis can help you preserve and build your wealth prudently.

CFP® / CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™.  Along with the CFA®, the CFP® is one of the most respected credentials on the financial planning side.  To earn this credential, the professional must also complete a rigorous process:

  • Finish two years of coursework on personal financial planning
  • Have 3 years of experience doing hands-on financial planning (or complete a 2-year apprenticeship)
  • Pass a rigorous exam
  • Complete ongoing continuing education to keep knowledge up to date
  • Agree to uphold the CFP® Board’s ethics standards and code of conduct

Always look for these credentials to help you assess a professional's experience and knowledge base.

The Right Business Model

All the experience and qualifications in the world can’t help you if the provider’s business model isn’t consumer friendly. 

That’s why at Holland Capital Management, we’re fiduciaries. That means we’re committed to putting your interests first. 

So instead of charging commissions, we’re fee-based.   This business model helps ensure you get the objective advice you need to make the best financial decisions possible.

Are We Right For You?

Financial Advisor Qualifications

Holland Capital Management


Yes, over 25 years


Yes, CFA® and CFP®


Yes—we wouldn’t have it any other way

Service from specialists, not generalists?

Yes—so you get the expertise you deserve


Yes, you pay fees instead of commissions

Avoid mutual funds?

Yes, so you don’t pay two layers of fees

Active investment management?

Yes, so you can better control downside risk and strive for better after-tax results

Unlimited support included in fee?

Yes, so you can call whenever you need us


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