A Personalized Approach in a Commoditized Industry

You have a dizzying array of choices when hiring a financial advisor.  But most firms have one thing in common.  While they may say they customize your wealth management, many default to a one-size-fits-all approach. 

From simplistic, automated financial planning to passive mutual fund-based portfolios, this may mean your risks aren’t being managed properly.  

If the general public is investing the same way using the same automated technology to create allocation models, target date funds, or other commoditized investment products, how do you keep from from going over the cliff with everyone else when market volatility hits?

A 20% drop in the value of your portfolio means you have to gain 25% just to get back to where you started.  

Shouldn't your financial advisor take whatever steps necessary to limit your downside when possible?


Are You Paying More and Settling for Less? 

Mutual funds are praised as efficient investment vehicles.  They surely can be.  But when they are used by your financial advisor, you end up paying two layers of fees:  

  • Your financial advisor’s fees
  • The management fee (expense ratio) built into the mutual fund or ETF 

While you may not see the mutual fund fee on your statement, it’s there, eroding your wealth month after month.  

If your financial advisor is investing your money in mutual funds, you are paying twice.  

And you may be handicapping your money right out of the gate.  To just break even, you need to earn more.  

Worse, these passive portfolios may keep your money moving with the market. That's great when the market goes up.  But this "buy and hold" strategy can leave your wealth vulnerable in downturns.

With mutual fund strategies, you also give up control of taxes.  This can harm your net return and create some surprise tax bills along the way.

Actively Protecting and Growing Your Wealth

Too often, firms focus on short term results, ignoring the impact that market downturns can have on compound returns. During market shocks and bear markets, it’s no surprise that your account will decline.  Then you may be told to wait it out.  

We don’t agree with that approach.  

Our North Carolina-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) team helps high income and high net worth people take better care of their money.  Yes, it requires more effort than simply diversifying your money across a broad range of asset classes funds and hoping these asset classes will not all move in the same direction when a market shock hits.

Instead, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • You work directly with an experienced professional, Chad Holland, CFA®, CFP®, for financial planning and wealth management strategies.
  • Your money is invested and continually monitored by hand-picked money managers with independently verified GIPS® track records.  
  • Risk management is a priority.  We’ll implement strategies for growth (offense) as well as downside protection (defense).
  • Your portfolio will be custom designed for your needs and risk tolerance.
  • We use individual stocks, bonds, and hand-picked low-fee ETFs to minimize fees and maximize your ability to control taxes.

Rather than look to move up and down in sync with the market, our goal is to maximize after tax, risk adjusted returns.  We do this by making adjustments during the market cycle in an attempt to contain downside losses relative to the market while participating on the upside as much as possible.  

Sophisticated Financial Advice from One Source

You're busy, so you shouldn't have to seek out help from different professionals.  We bring it all together and coordinate it for you with a single point of contact.
Our team includes those with expertise on many fronts, so we can take care of all your financial needs in one place.  

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Steer Clear of Conflicts with Independent Advice

At Holland Capital Management, we’re a boutique firm comprised of seasoned professionals.  Instead of being beholden to shareholders, we’re focused on providing excellent service to our clients.  That means:

  • No proprietary products or ties to product companies.
  • We’re fee-based, so you will be charged fees instead of commissions.
  • We act as your fiduciary, which means we put your interests first.

With no ties to product companies and 100% independent ownership, you’ll get true advice that’s not compromised by conflicts of interest.  

Why Choose Holland Capital Management?

  • Each aspect of your service is handled by a specialist in that area.
  • Over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry.
  • Investment management provided by our partner Tannin Capital, a GIPS® compliant advisor with a demonstrated track record. 
  • Access to sophisticated trust and insurance strategies for improved results.
  • Your assets are held securely at independent custodian Charles Schwab, who safeguards over $300 billion in client accounts.


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