Looking for a Financial Advisor in Charlotte, NC?

When you're in need of a wealth management provider, you have many choices in the greater Charlotte NC region.  But how can you be sure you select one that can serve you effectively?  With your money on the line, you need to be careful.    Learn how you can find the best when looking for a financial advisor in Charlotte, NC.

Charlotte, North Carolina is a fast-growing, economically diverse area known for its skilled professionals. Whether you're concerned about retirement planning, investment management, or a comprehensive financial plan, the city provides an excellent setting for securing your financial future.

So it's no surprise there are many options for North Carolina residents. But your biggest risk is not lack of choice....it is selecting the right firm. In this article, we'll detail important factors to consider. And, please keep one thing in mind: don't limit your search to only financial advisors in your area. With today's technology, many financial advisors are able to help you remotely. So it is better to research for the right fit than simply opt for someone near your home or office.

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Holland Capital Management

The first thing to consider when looking to find a financial advisor:  who are the team members?  That's critical since your financial well-being requires a lot more than just portfolio management. Along with attention to investments, you will likely need other services such as:


  • financial planning services
  • tax planning
  • estate planning
  • education planning
  • retirement income planning
  • insurance planning
  • debt management


Very seldom can one individual become an expert in all these areas.  That's where you want to make sure you have a team that possesses all of these specialties collectively.  Then, always be sure that the team has decades of experience helping people through all different types of investment climates.  That's critical as well since the stock market and the economy are both cyclical.  


M. Chad Holland CFA, CFP®




What We Do

Preserve, Strengthen and Grow Your Wealth

Next, check that the firm you are considering offers a wide range of financial services necessary to meet your needs. You don't want to outgrow the services of the firm since it can be a headache to switch.

If you're a high net worth client, you may need more concentrated wealth management services, such as trust and estate administration. Or, for business owners, you may need specialized succession planning along with financial planning and wealth management.

Regardless, you'll want a financial advisor that provides comprehensive financial planning along with investment strategies simply because those are central to creating a more secure financial future.

Financial Planning

Estate Planning

Retirement Planning

Trust Advisory

Investment Management

Portfolio Lending

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What Can Holland Capital Management Do For You? 

You’ll get complete wealth management services in a boutique setting giving you the attentive service you deserve.   

  • Comprehensive financial planning and retirement planning from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™
  • An investment management process designed to generate higher after-tax, risk-adjusted returns 
  • Trust advisory, coordinated directly with your existing CPA and attorney (or our vetted recommendations), to help you maximize tax, estate planning and asset protection opportunities 
  • Life insurance, both for protection and advanced financial planning strategies 
  • Flexible lending options so you can tap your wealth when needed without hassles

All services are provided with a single point of contact, saving you time and headaches. Your assets are held with a leading independent custodian, providing security, safekeeping, and independent reporting.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right financial advisor near Charlotte?

One of our best pieces of advice is to look for high-quality credentials.   For financial planning and retirement planning, you will want to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ professional.  For investment advisory, it's wise to look for someone who has attained the CFA ® (or CHARTERED FINANCIAL ANALYST ®) credential.   

Then, also be sure to find someone who takes the time to listen to your financial goals and learn what is really important to you.  That will help ensure you hire someone who prioritizes your best interests.  While it's important that financial professionals offer advisory services, you also want someone who will support you in achieving your goals.  

What percentage do financial advisers charge?

 Fees will vary, but often range from 1% to 2% of assets under management per year.   This does vary widely, and it's critical to find out what this fee covers beyond the basics.  Some advisors will charge separately for financial planning and investment management, while others will bundle these into a single fee.  So be sure to ask for that detail so you're clear on exactly what you will be paying for.  

What are the disadvantages of having a financial advisor?

There are significant advantages to getting professional financial and investment advice.  However, if you don't select one that is a good fit, then it can be a negative situation.  You may end up paying for advice that is counterproductive, costing you fees and time.  That's why it's critical to do your research upfront. 

It's also important to note that you should seek to work with a firm that provides a financial planning specialist to assist you with an overall plan first.  Then, you have a way to judge if the recommendations and financial products you receive from investment advisors are appropriate for your goals and plan.  

Is it worth paying for a financial advisor?

 Yes, normally it is, and research on the topic suggests that having a financial advisor serving you can help you achieve higher returns even after fees are considered.  One 2019 study by Vanguard estimated that advice can add about 3% per year to your overall returns. [i]

That said, if your advisor offers investment management only, then you may not get enough value, as tax planning and other functions are equally important to your financial results.  

If you have a complex financial life,  you are likely to realize even more benefits.  For example, if you own a small business, a high-quality advisor can offer a business retirement service to help you set up a 401(k) or other plan for you and your valued employees. 

Or, if you have substantial family wealth, you might benefit from using a firm that offers wealth management services geared for high net worth individuals and families.  They may even offer a family office style service, where services include real estate and cash flow management, plus extended support for all family members.  This is in addition to core investment services and financial planning.

What is the average cost of using a financial advisor?

The cost for financial advice will vary.  Investment firms may charge commission and transaction-oriented fees.  On the other hand, a fee-only advisory firm may charge a single percentage-based fee.  Be sure to inquire on how the fees charged are calculated.  Also, be sure to find out if the advisor acts as your fiduciary.  A fiduciary is legally required to put your interests before their own, but not all firms have this requirement.  

How do I find a good financial advisor near me?

You can look for a high-quality Charlotte area wealth management firm by doing your research.  Here are some important steps to incorporate in your process:

  1.  Does the firm offer the scope of services you need?  If you've got a complex financial life, you'll probably want to be sure the firm offers wealth management to ensure you get all the services needed to optimize your resources.  Be sure to look beyond just investment management services.  You'll probably want a firm that also offers retirement planning as well as tax minimization, estate planning and other critical services.  
  2. You should check if the firm also services clients who have similar needs to your own.  Ask about their clientele and who the most typical client is.
  3.  Do the advisors at the firm in Charlotte act as your fiduciary?  If they do, that means they are required to put your interests first.  Ask for that in writing, as that is an important protection when you have someone advising you on how to manage your life's savings. 
  4.  Look closely at the fee structure the firm offers.  You may want to prioritize a fee-based or fee-only financial advisor to avoid commissions.  
  5. Finally, see if there's a personal fit.  You want an advisor you feel comfortable talking with.  Bottom line...take your time to make sure you find the best fit across all these categories. 

What is the difference between financial advisors and  wealth advisors?

You will find that there are many different names and titles used in this particular profession.  Many times, the terms themselves are not particularly meaningful.  What is more important is the specific scope of services provided, the individual's credentials, and whether the professional acts as your legal fiduciary.  Consequently, we usually recommend you pay more attention to facts on paper than a particular title.  

Is it smart to invest with a financial advisor?

Your financial future is important.  Think about it like your health.  If you had something really major arise with your health, do you plan to handle it yourself or go see a doctor?  Of course, you go consult an expert with years of training.  Why should you treat your financial health differently?  After all, you don't want to find out when you are over 80 that you didn't handle your money right, precisely when there's little you can do about it.  

Especially as you are nearing retirement, having a professional look at your finances and help make sure you're prepared is critical.  And before that, it's wise to get professional help to make sure you're on track to live the life you want.  Especially when you don't have a pension, you will have the burden of managing your own finances to ensure you can live a comfortable future.  

Are you searching for a financial advisor in Charlotte, NC?

Of course, there is more than one high-quality firm serving Charlotte.  If you're a business owner or high-income professional, our firm, Holland Capital Management, might be the best fit.  That's because we can provide a team of specialists to make sure you get the right attention on your investment portfolio as well as a broad scope of other services.  However, if your needs are different, there are other high-quality Charlotte financial groups that specialize in other areas.  

What do fiduciary financial advisors do differently?

The financial advice industry has two different legal standards, suitability and fiduciary.  Larger, brand-name investment management firms are often licensed for the suitability standard, which means they simply have to make recommendations that are suitable for your needs.  Fiduciaries, on the other hand, need to always put your interests before theirs.

That difference is very meaningful since an advisor operating under the suitability standard can recommend a more expensive product to you as long as it is suitable.  On the other hand, a fiduciary may not do that.  They always are required to put your interests first.  

The Importance of Independence

Sometimes, it's tempting to just walk into a brand-name wealth management firm's local office, thinking that is the safest choice.  After all, as consumers, we frequently equate brand names with quality.  In this industry, though, many of the big brand name firms are often publicly held companies.  That means that in some cases, the employees owe a fiduciary duty to the shareholders first and foremost, which can mean a focus on profits.  

In our view, this has led to a commoditization of office services these firms provide.  At the same time, these firms are not always required to act as your fiduciary.  

Often an independent firm can be a better choice.  These are usually small, fiduciary firms who are required to put your interests first.  As boutique firms, they must keep clients happy to succeed.  They usually rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.  You may find that you receive more personal attention at these smaller firms.  

More importantly, independent firms do not usually sell their own products.  Unlike brand name advisors who may need to recommend proprietary products, these independent firms are free to  recommend cost-effective options that can address your needs.

Additionally, brand name firms can be confusing.  If the firm has a bank and a wealth management side, it can be difficult to know who is acting as fiduciary.  Many people get a false sense of security, which may not be realistic.  

Key Takeaway 

As you can probably see, there is much to consider when looking for a financial advisor in Charlotte NC.  For best results, take your time and research your options.   You can access our site to find more information about hiring and working successfully with a wealth management professional.